Skater of the Month: CrazieNESS

13 Feb


  1. Real name: Vanessa Thomann
  2. Tell us about your derby name: I’m a little crazy. And I’m ness so it worked out well.
  3. Age: 28 and a half!
  4. Current town and hometown: Good ol’ Lincolnville and I grew up inCamden.
  5. Occupation: I’m a stay at home mom primarily but I also work with my husband and go to college part time. Is craziness making a little bit more sense?
  6. How long have you been skating: I started skating at the skate center in Rockland years ago and I would skate in my basement. I always wanted to be that girl who won the limbo contest in her roller skates. I would be the coolest 13 year old ever. Sadly that never happened.
  7. Why derby: Because it’s amazing. I watched a show about derby when I was like 16 and I knew I was going to be a derby girl. It just made sense. Then almost 3 years ago my best friend Bre told me about her friend Hedda who played roller derby and I had to try out. So here I am living the dream.
  8. What’s been the most challenging aspect of derby so far? What’s your achilles heel, so to speak: Time. I want to be here every practice, every bout home and away and every meeting. Unfortunately that’s not possible with a growing family so it’s hard to make the time to be here. Then once I am here forcing myself to give 100%.
  9. Most fun and rewarding part of derby: The amazing women that are in this league. I have a new family who love and support me. It’s great to have 50+ strong bad ass women who have your back.
  10. Other sports/hobbies/interests:Surprisingly I am not a sport person. And really was barley able to hike a mountain before derby. I love spending time with my wonderful family and going on adventures.

Skater of the Month: Sinner of Gravity

21 Jan


Sinner of Gravity, #4


  1. Real name:  Maryanne S.
  2.  Tell us about your derby name: I love that people call me Sinner. Touches on my Catholic youth, I like the pun, and it fits me!
  3. Age: 42
  4. Current town and hometown:  Westport Island
  5. Occupation: Family Therapist
  6. How long have you been skating: I’ve been ice skating since age 3, went through a roller blading stage in my 20s, and started quads with derby 4 years ago.
  7. Why derby: Strong, awesome women, a great team sport, good community work, exercise, and fun!
  8. What’s been the most challenging aspect of derby so far? What’s your achilles heel, so to speak: My age, and a recent asthma diagnosis. Plus coming back after an 18 month break to finish grad school. I’m rusty!
  9. Most fun and rewarding part of derby: Sweating hard, laughing hard.
  10. Other sports/hobbies/interests: I run, I cook, I eat, and I’m raising a strong, smart, beautiful daughter.

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