Skater of the Month: Violet Blitz

1 Oct
1. Real name:  Elizabeth Kobak
2.  Tell us about your derby name:  I wanted a name that suited my personality, my love of music and contrast between two names. I was listening to my ipod when I noticed many of the songs made references to a blitz. (Ramones- blitzkrieg bop, Yeah Yeah Yeahs- it’s blitz!, ballroom blitz etc..).  After playing around with a few names I came up with Violet= a bright bluish purple color that takes its name from the flower, Blitz= violent and sustained, sudden intensive attack or concerted effort.  This seem to be the perfect fit for what I wanted, the softness of the violet flower and the fierceness of a blitz.
3. Age: 37
4. Current town and hometown: Lincolnville ME /Cuyahoga Falls, OH
5. Occupation: Server/Bartender
6How long have you been skating: 2 years with RCR
7Why derby: First I wanted to do derby because it looked like a lot of fun, tough girls skating to rock music ,then I realized derby is so much more than the way it appears. I realized how I loved the challenges and the surprises that come along with this sport, which is why I continue to do it.
8. What’s been the most challenging aspect of derby so far? What’s your achilles heel, so to speak: The mental retraining of your mind, playing this sport requires you to tell yourself falling down is okay and expected, it’s okay to slam your body into another person over and over again, and learning to move my body in new ways. Also, learning to play a team sport
9.  Most fun and rewarding part of derby: overcoming my fears/challenges, feeling empowered, being surrounded by smart/gifted women.
10. Other sports/hobbies/interests: painting/music/dancing/cooking

Skater of the Month: R.I.P.unzel

5 Sep
  1. Real name:  (no real name!)
  2.  Tell us about your derby name: R.I.P.unzel let down your long blonde hair
  3. Age: 27 
  4. Current town and hometown:  Unity
  5. Occupation: Art teacher
  6. How long have you been skating: 1 year
  7. Why derby:  

    Roller derby makes me feel great!

  8. What’s been the most challenging aspect of derby so far? What’s your achilles heel, so to speak: Transitions- I’ll get there!
  9. Most fun and rewarding part of derby: Learning new things all the time.
  10. Other sports/hobbies/interests: Hiking, dancing, leg wrestling and napping




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