Skater of the Month: Sinistral Warrior

14 Apr


1. Real name:  Candace Kuchinski

2.  Tell us about your derby name:  I’m glad you ask because no one understands my name.  Sinistral Warrior (IPA) – First, it’s a beer made with warrior hops (I love GOOD beer).  Second, ‘sinistral’ means counter-clockwise, or left (opposed to dextral) which is the direction we skate.

3. Age:  38

4. Current town and hometown:   South Thomaston, ME; Long Beach, CA

5. Occupation: co-owner of the Windjammer Angelique

6How long have you been skating: 1.5 years

7Why derby: It’s a known fact, you can’t stay in a bad mood while skating

8. What’s been the most challenging aspect of derby so far? What’s your achilles heel, so to speak: injury @ my first bout that put me out for the summer season – not my achilles heel, but my fibula.

9.  Most fun and rewarding part of derby:  endorphins

10. Other sports/hobbies/interests: sailing, snowboarding, surfing, DIY anything, dogs, growing food

Bowling for Big Brothers Big Sisters

9 Apr

By Iron Orchid

The Rock Coast Rollers did a little bowling this weekend to help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters‘ annual Bowl for Kids Sake. This event is focused on raising money and awareness for big and little matches. For every $1,000 raised, a little person is paired with a big person at no cost to themselves or the family. The event is still running, so there’s still time to create a team, sign up, and raise money for a great cause. Get out there and bowl! For more information contact BBBS at 207-236-BBBS.


photos courtesy of Vengeful Vegan and Iron Orchid.

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